What is a Greek kiss and how to do it right

Greek kiss

The Greek kiss is one of humanity’s oldest sexual practices: it was already common in Ancient Greece, thousands of years ago. However, currently, there is a lot of taboo around it. So much so that many people don’t even know what it is!

Therefore, today you will find out what the Greek kiss is, how to do it, and why it is so delicious. You can be sure: by the end of the text, you will at least be curious to try it.

Starting from the beginning: what is the Greek kiss?

Can every kiss that is given in Greece be considered a Greek kiss with kolkata escorts? Perhaps…

But, in this case, we’re talking about the one that leaves many people with their hair standing on end – whether it’s horny or “fear”.

After all, the Greek kiss is the anal stimulation done on another person using the tongue . In other words, it’s like a French kiss on the Marquis of Rabicó!

And why is he so hot? Because the anus is a region full of nerve endings. Therefore, it is extremely sensitive. So, it can be the source of a lot of pleasure, both for women and for men.

Remember that pleasure has nothing to do with sexuality. That is, both heterosexual and homosexual people can enjoy a Greek kiss and even anal sex!

the Greek kiss

How to do the Greek kiss

Like everything related to sex, the first step is consent.

That is, no going out licking your partner’s or your partner’s c * without her or him allowing it. And how to do it? Simple: just ask. When the weather starts to heat up, with that sexy voice that comes out in those moments, you can ask if she or he likes it, or if you’re willing to try it.

Was the answer yes? So, you can start with a neat oral , to leave her or leave him climbing the walls.

Afterwards, just make your way to the anus calmly and mindfully , to make sure the other person is really enjoying it. Remember: this area is very sensitive, and going too fast or too hard can cause discomfort and even pain. So don’t be in a hurry. After all, sex is delicious, and deserves to be enjoyed calmly!

In the middle of this path, you can take the opportunity to walk through the other person’s thigh and perineum. Men are usually very horny in this part, which is the one between the testicles and the anus. Masturbating the other as you go down is also an excellent idea at this time.

And once there, what to do? You can do exactly as you would kiss the person’s mouth! The same movements of the tongue can be very pleasurable when they happen close to the anus. Also, try circular, crossed, pressure and even sucking movements (always lightly!), and see how your partner or your partner reacts. Finally, you can even use an erotic toy , such as a vibrator, to spice up the moment.

But remember: the Greek kiss happens outside the anus, without penetration . So, the idea of using a vibrator there is just to give an extra stimulus, not to stick it in. After all, the person consented to the kiss in the first place, not penetration. And then, saliva is not a lubricant, and you can’t have anal sex without lubrication. Combined?

positions for kissing

Best positions for kissing a lot… like in antiquity

The Greek kiss can be included in several sexual positions that you may already be familiar with. For example:

  • 69: one faces the other, but with the face close to the private part. It can be on the side or with one person on top and the other on the bottom.
  • On all fours: the person receiving the kiss leans on their hands and knees, and the person giving the kiss comes from behind. In this position, it is also very comfortable to masturbate your partner or partner while practicing the Greek kiss!
  • Sitting on the face: many women already know that you can receive oral sex by sitting on the partner’s face. The same position also applies to the Greek kiss, for both men and women! In this case, sitting is better with your back, that is, without seeing the kisser’s face. And it also allows the person receiving the kiss to perform an oral or masturbate the other during the action.
  • Roast chicken: in this position, the person receiving the kiss will lie down or lie down with their legs bent and their thighs very close to their chest. Thus, there is a greater “opening” for any action down there, including the Greek kiss!
  • On your back: are you thinking of an erotic back massage with a happy ending? This happy ending can be a session of very tasty c * licks. After all, on your back, just go down until you spread your butt with your hands and fall on your face.

Don’t even know how to start giving a sensual massage? Click here to see our step-by-step!

But don’t limit yourself to these suggestions! The fun in bed is experimenting. So let the mood flow and allow the discoveries.

Don’t forget the condom!

Greek kiss is a type of sex. And, as in all sexual practices, the use of a condom is mandatory to prevent sexually transmitted infections , or STIs . There are condoms made for oral sex with kolkata escorts , which are tongue condoms, but you can also take a regular condom, tear it and stretch it over the hole. Thus, you can do all the action without running the risk of getting infected.

In addition, it is worth remembering that the mouth is in direct contact with the anus. So, making sure he’s prepared to receive a visit (even if it’s just outside! ) is essential to prevent other types of infections. Nothing a shower before the action can’t fix! Finally, no jumping from the Greek kiss to the oral , because that can take bacteria to the wrong places and cause diseases like urinary infections. Going from the oral to the Greek kiss, on the other hand, is no problem.

Now that you know everything about Greek kissing, how about finding someone to kiss a lot today? At Miss Kolkata, you can find men and women near you to do this. Click here to meet them! And also tell us in the comments if you’re already a fan of the Greek kiss, or what’s missing to start practicing!

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