What is an orgasm? The different types and how to achieve them

What is an orgasm

For many sex lovers, an orgasm is the most coveted sensation in the world, and is usually achieved through masturbation or intercourse. If you normally manage to climax, know that you are lucky. Because according to studies, how to reach orgasm is still not an easy path for everyone.

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In 2018, a study carried out by misskolkata, a school whose mission is to support women to take control of their bodies through pleasure, revealed that only 36% of women manage to have an orgasm during sexual intercourse.

But this problem can also happen to men. International studies show that they can also face problems when reaching climax.

If you want help or tips to achieve orgasmic pleasure for yourself or your partner, keep reading Misskolkata ‘s tips to discover the different types of orgasms that exist and how to achieve them.

what is orgasm

Orgasm, also known as climax, is used to describe the feeling of intense pleasure that occurs during sexual activity.

Sexual arousal increases blood flow to the genitals while making the muscles in that area and throughout the body more tense.

An orgasm reverses this process through a series of muscle contractions, which relax the body and return it to its pre-arousal state.

The experience of orgasm usually involves ejaculation or the release of accumulated sexual tension.

Although some people experience orgasm dysfunction, which is when someone is unable to reach it, most people can have an orgasm.

How to have an orgasm and its different types

Although orgasm is a sensation in itself, there are several ways to identify orgasms.

Some people have one type of orgasm, some people have multiple types, and others, as we mentioned, can’t climax.

But there are some people who just haven’t figured out the right sexual stimulation their body needs to achieve that result.

Here are some types of orgasms and how to achieve them:

vaginal orgasm

A vaginal orgasm involves sexual stimulation of the vagina, particularly during intercourse .

Vaginal orgasm is often misinterpreted as the best or only way for women to reach orgasm. But studies show that this is often the hardest for most women.

However, women can achieve a vaginal orgasm through sexual penetration when the erogenous zones inside the vagina are stimulated in the right way and at just the right spot.

The best way to reach orgasm through penetration:

  • If you are with your partner or alone, try using your penis, fingers or a sex toy for vaginal penetration.
  • Try different moves; you can try the pulling or circling movement, in and out
  • Whatever movements are most enjoyable, repeat several times to increase sexual stimulation and become more aroused.
  • You can experiment with different rhythms and depths. The wall of the vagina is where the G-spot can be found and, if hit by regular, strong pressure, particularly stimulating the nerves at the end of the vagina, can be very pleasurable and lead to an orgasm and even female ejaculation.
  • Once you’ve figured out what’s most pleasurable for you, focus on that as you try to reach orgasm, and enhance the experience by thinking about sexual fantasies you’ve had or want to have one day.

clitoral orgasm

The clitoris is a small erectile area of the female genital organ located at the anterior end of the vulva above the vaginal opening.

This is the most sensitive organ in the female vagina due to its high concentration of nerve endings and is the main source of female sexual pleasure (or it’s easier to get an orgasm).

By stimulating only this highly sensitive erogenous zone, you can achieve an intense orgasm.

Tips on the best way to get an orgasm from the clitoris:

  • Gently caress the clitoral area with your fingers, palm, mouth or tongue, in alternating, circular or tapping motions to stimulate.
  • As a woman becomes more aroused, it begins to produce arousal fluid, which can help stimulate the vagina and clitoris more comfortably. Sometimes vaginas don’t lubricate themselves, so you may need a little lube.
  • If you wish, you can experiment with pressure, speed or vibration to get faster and faster pressures. You can even stimulate the clitoris using a penis or sex toys.
  • Apply even more movement as the orgasm begins to intensify, but if the clitoris is too sensitive, ease the pressure.
What is a female orgasm like?

anal orgasm

An anal orgasm is achieved through sexual stimulation of nerve points in the anus. They are much more common in men because of the presence of the prostate, but they can be achieved just by stroking the anus in both men and women.

Here’s the best way to get an anal or prostate orgasm:

  • Make sure the area is relaxed and lubricated. A hot bath is also recommended to relax the muscles in the anal area. The more relaxed you are, the more comfortable anal sex will be.
  • Use some erotic foreplay beforehand to get aroused like kissing, touching or licking the anus. Or, if you’re alone, watching porn or focusing your mind on sexual fantasies. This can help easier and more comfortable penetration.
  • Using fingers, a penis, or a sex toy such as an anal plug or strap, rub the outside of the anal opening and gently stimulate the inside of the anus to excite the area before inserting. If you are using fingers, make sure your hands are clean and your nails are short to avoid injuring delicate skin and protect yourself from bacterial infections.
  • There are also several sex positions you can try with or without a partner to make anal sex easier and more pleasurable for you.

For women, the anus and rectum are very close to the vagina and clitoris and even share many of the same nerves and muscles. This can enable an anal and vaginal orgasm through anal sex.

combined orgasms

While it can be tricky to achieve, some people are lucky enough to experience multiple orgasms at once.

Women in particular experience mixed orgasms, when a clitoral and vaginal sexoccurs simultaneously, resulting in a more intense bodily response.

Stimulating different erogenous zones at the same time can help to have an orgasmic experience.

Here are some tips on how to achieve a combined orgasm.

  • If you’re alone, use a sex toy or fingers in your vagina and encourage a pulling and pulling motion before fully inserting to get aroused. You can use a penis or your partner’s fingers.
  • With the other hand, start rubbing the clitoris. Use lubricant if necessary. You can use a clitoral vibrator while penetrating with your fingers, or even a sex toy designed for internal use, such as a penis-shaped vibrator.
  • If with a partner, they can use their mouth and tongue to stimulate the clitoris, also known as oral sex, while using their fingers for penetration. Or, during intercourse, your partner may rub your clitoris with their fingers.

For men, you can try to achieve mixed orgasms by masturbating with your hand while using an anal toy or your partner’s partner’s penis.

What is multiple orgasm

How does orgasm feel?

In general, it’s quite challenging to describe what an orgasm feels like, and as you can imagine, it’s different from person to person.

Overall, though, it tends to be described as a burst of sensation, a pleasant release of built-up tension, and a feeling of warmth and relaxation.

Here’s what can usually happen to your body during an orgasm:

  • Your heart rate increases
  • Breathing gets heavy
  • Blood circulation increases in the genitals
  • Involuntary contraction of genital muscles, including uterus and anus
  • Body vibrations or shaking
  • pupil dilation
  • Ejaculation
  • The brain releases oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins into the bloodstream, which can make you feel happy, satisfied, a little dizzy or sleepy.
how to feel orgasm

Why can’t I have an orgasm?

If you or your partner often find it difficult to reach sex during intercourse, remember that there are many different ways to reach an sex, and some experiences work better for some people than others.

We advise experimenting with various sexual activities, such as those mentioned above, to find out what releases your sexual tension to reach a desirable sex.

You can use sex toys and lubricants to help or enhance the sexual experience with kolkata escorts, whether you’re doing it alone or with a partner.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to reach an sex, but you’re still struggling, seek professional advice from your trusted doctor or sexual health clinic to try to overcome these obstacles.

Remember that orgasmic dysfunction is quite common and there are many factors that go into it; therefore, it is not uncommon for you to find orgasm difficult.

Try to identify what relaxes you, helps relieve all tension and worries in your head and excites you in the best way, or even identify some deeper problem that requires professional help. Seek the ideal path for your pleasure.

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