What is sexting and how to make the most of it

What is sexting

Thanks to the digital age, sex is at your fingertips What is sexting.

Spicy messages, also known as “sexting”, can spice up your sex life, and many relationships evolve from this.

It’s a common type of erotic communication between couples or potential partners that is often playful, provocative, and lays the groundwork for sexual intimacy.

If you really want to turn a woman or a man on, read our tips to learn how to become an irresistible sexting pro.

What is sexting?

Many may wonder what sexting is, but the answer is simple. Sexting is the English construction of sex (sex) plus texting (texting).

It is the act of sending and receiving sexually explicit messages, photos or videos through messaging services via technology or digital devices (e.g. cell phones, tablets and computers, etc.)

While many people have sex as a form of flirtation or foreplay , a Texas Tech University study revealed that some people also use it to reaffirm the relationship.

Sexting can include:

  • Explicit or nude / semi-nude photos / videos (the famous nudes)
  • Photos/videos of sexual acts
  • Messages with sexual language or discussing or proposing sexual acts
  • Live webcam chats involving sexual acts
what is sexting

Tips on how to have sex

There is no rulebook for sexting.

Sexting is really about how the individual feels or what makes them feel sexy or turn on.

Everyone has their own unique way of conveying this through nurturing messages for their intended purpose.

But there are some effective tips that can boost your confidence, familiarize you with the culture of sexting, and make the recipient feel ready to enjoy the experience.

Are you looking to turn on a woman or a man through tempting text messages? If the answer is yes, read our tips now to have sex like a pro and increase your sexting skills pratice with escorts services.

1. First, have consent

For a sexting session to start, effort is needed at both ends.

Just because you’re in the mood for hot texting doesn’t mean the other person will be.

Try to start slowly, rather than rushing into the pot too thirsty. When you speed things up it can turn the other party off, especially if they aren’t fully involved in the conversation.

You can start off lightly with a mild flirtation like “Hey, hottie!” and wait to see if they respond in kind before getting too deep into it.

Or, be direct and ask if they’re willing to share some NSFW (not safe for work) thoughts, which could involve all of the content mentioned above.

2. Send a sexy and attractive photo

Nude photos are the hottest types of sexting — especially when you’re both comfortable, trusting, and deeply attracted to each other.

It’s perfect for triggering excitement and solo seduction or masturbation on both ends of communication.

If you don’t want to reveal a complete picture, take photos from angles that only reveal your erogenous zones , such as the bust, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, feet and pelvic area.

But don’t always feel obligated to be completely naked; sometimes less is more. A sexy photo in underwear can elicit even greater reactions and give a lot to the other person’s imagination.

Tip: To prevent your nude photo from appearing on the other person’s locked screen, start your message with a provocative phrase and press enter a few times before inserting your photo.

Note: Do not send nudes unless you are completely comfortable with them. Never feel pressured to send this type of image. Before submitting, please review the security suggestions below.

Tease with attractive nudes

3. Use and abuse of emoji

Whether you’re a little prudish or reserved, using emojis that are known or could be interpreted as sexual innuendos can help make your intentions known without words.

For example, the eggplant ( 🍆) and banana ( 🍌) are symbols for the penis. The kitten ( 🐱) represents the vagina while the peach ( 🍑) refers to the buttocks. Beads of sweat splattering ( 💦) suggest wetness or ejaculation, and if you want to indicate desire, choose the tongue-out-winking emoji ( 😜).

Emoji sex code can help you maintain a code of conduct if you are sexting in public. Why not add some sexy memes and GIFs into the conversation as well to give your messages some fun context?

Use suggestive emojis

4. Share an erotic fantasy

If you have sexual fetishes , like BDSM or anal , don’t be afraid to share them.

Not only can you discover that the other person has similar sexual interests, but it will also let them know how open you are to different things, which can be very exciting.

You don’t have to be direct either, you can just say “you were a little naughty today, I think you need a spanking”.

Sexting is a chance to dive into a fetish world if you haven’t explored them yet.

Share an erotic fantasy

5. Send sexier audios

Don’t underestimate the power of your voice.

The sound of your voice can reach your slumbering desires, drawing more interest and building a stronger connection with the other person.

Much can be learned from the cadence and timbre of someone’s voice, which can give a deeper indication of how the other person feels and their personality (if you’ve just met them).

“Do you look excited? Are you a good or good listener? How do you express your thoughts?”

Even if you aren’t using the spiciest expressions, that doesn’t mean she can’t imagine you saying wonderful things.

Tip: Lower your voice and speak softly to sound sexual. Don’t use too much audio messaging. Build anticipation by sending one every now and then so the other person will be more excited when they receive them.

Send sexy audios

6. Ask hot questions

Since sexting is a sexual conversation, be sure to ask some bold questions.

It can be an easy way to tell what the other person is thinking, and it can even help you paint a vivid picture of your sexual fantasies.

These questions can be as simple and straightforward as: “What is your sexual fantasy?”, “What turns you on the most?”, “Do you have fetishes?”, “What part of my body do you like best?”, “What What makes you orgasm ?

If you can’t be very spontaneous, come up with some sassy lead questions ahead of time to keep the communication flowing and avoid awkward silence intervals.

6. Take it slow and tease

Just like sex, there’s no need to rush. Pre-warm up, take your time and don’t reveal too much in the first few sexes.

Remember that sexting is all about building anticipation to make things more exciting, like foreplay.

Start the conversation off with an opening that suggests you’re ready for a bolder game.

A selfie of your cleavage, lips, or neck might get their attention, or if the two of you have some history together, bring up a warm memory neither of you can forget. This will certainly raise the temperature of the conversation.

Ask hot questions on sexting
7. Be creative and create scenarios

Get out of your comfort zone and get creative.

You can let your mind run wild with some more lewd role-plays, including those relationships that usually break taboos, like boss and employee or teacher and student.

Or, come up with a scenario to see how the other person would handle the situation, such as “if we were alone for 5 minutes in a private space, what would you do with me?”

Don’t forget to get creative with the language too. Using some metaphors and euphemisms to conceptualize each other’s genitals can bring about a different dynamic than constantly using “ vagina ”, “ penis “

You can refer to these erotic zones as things like a “Famous Girl”, “Bird”, “Temptation”, “Ice Cream” or “Lollipop”.

Being creative will get the other person thinking and can create a broader and more vivid picture in their heads.

Sexting examples and ideas

Whenever you’re out of ideas, below are some sexting examples that can help you get started or get your creative juices flowing.

  • When you want to spark interest: “You’re going to love what I’m wearing under my dress right now.”
  • When you’re feeling nostalgic: “Remember when we had sex on the kitchen table? I can’t get it out of my head! “
  • When you need a midday boost: “What would you be doing with me if we were together right now?”
  • When you’re feeling amused: “If I showed up to your house wearing nothing but a robe. What would you do?”
  • When you want to try your new sex toy: “Hey, I just got a new vibrator. I want to play?”
  • When you’re feeling bold: “I wish you’d handcuff me to the bed and give me oral sex.”
  • When you want to create a fantasy in your mind: “What color underwear are you wearing right now?”

These are some examples of what can stir up your desire, but of course it depends on each person and situation. Let your imagination flow, and the messages will become more and more natural and tailored especially for you and the other person.

safe sexting

As with all online chatting, there are some precautions that need to be taken when having virtual sex.

While sexting with people you know and trust is recommended, there are still risks involved.

The main risk of sexting is sharing explicit images and videos, as the person you send them to could potentially share them with others.

At worst, it can be used for intimidation and blackmail, or even sold to some malicious website.

There is also a risk of others accidentally seeing these images, or a person’s phone or computer being hacked and leaked into the wrong hands.

Therefore, if you wish to submit explicit content about yourself, you must be careful to avoid including your face in this type of media, as it may be more easily identified.

Facial recognition algorithms can automatically tag you, which could cost you a job or a relationship.

Below are some more sex safety tips:

  • Don’t drink (excessively) and sext
  • Use a secure device (phone, tablet or computer)
  • Delete evidence of used devices after use
  • Delete EXIF ​​metadata from your photos
  • Only sex with people you trust
  • Set rules, before sexting, about completely deleting images (including digital recycle bins and cloud storage)

If you are a victim of revenge porn, keep the evidence and report it to the site where the photo was used. If you are the victim of cyberbullying or blackmail, report it to the authorities .

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