5 extra income ideas online for kolkata escorts

income ideas online for kolkata escorts

Answer quickly: at the end of the month, would some extra money be welcome in your account? We are sure the answer is YES! That’s why we’ve listed here 5 ideas for extra income online for someone who works as an kolkata escorts, like you, to end this month with more money in your pocket.

So keep reading to see all the suggestions and choose the one that best fits your routine. After all, good extra income is the one you can make in your spare time, earning the most money and having the least effort.

  • Sell ​​intimate photos
  • Make personalized intimate videos
  • Sell ​​sex shop products
  • sell used panties
  • have phone sex
Extra income for companions

1. Sell intimate photos or income ideas online for kolkata escorts top 5 ideas

Do you sell nudes? Yes, your sexy photos can bring you extra income online! There are many people who make money selling intimate photo packages over the internet. There are sites that allow you to do this directly, but you can also offer it to those who are already your customers, accept Pix payments escorts services and even get a special discount for them!

Another possibility of these photo packages is to play with themes and fetishes . For example, if you noticed that many customers who come to you have a foot fetish , do a test that highlights them. Or, if your specialty is BDSM , you can have a package for each type of fetish within that practice.

2. Make personalized intimate videos

In addition to photos, another idea is to make intimate videos to sell online and earn extra money. In this case, you can also think of videos that please your customers in general and sell the same to more people (that is, you record only once and earn several! ), but one way to increase the price of this product is to make personalized videos .

This way, each client can tell you exactly what he wants to see in the video , and you can make the angles, the clothes (or lack thereof), the soundtrack and even say the things he wants to hear, all completely personalized. This is also an excellent alternative to earn money as a sex worker during the pandemic , because you have no contact with anyone else.

Remember: paying attention to the quality of the intimate photos and videos you are going to sell is essential to ensure the success of that extra income. For this reason, in addition to a good camera or cell phone, you need to think about the scenery, the lighting, the entire performance … Dedicate yourself to this planning to guarantee your sales!

Extra income online for escorts: intimate videos

3. Reselling sex shop products

You can also resell sex shop products over the internet . There are several companies that provide vibrators, lingerie, costumes, cosmetics and all kinds of sex toys for other people to sell. Some of them are ShopLibido , Miess and Loja do Destino .

There are several strategies for selling these items. From offering them to those you already know, to advertising on sites like Miss Kolkata , or creating an Instagram profile dedicated to these products, to show what they look like and explain how they work . After all, for many people, sex and everything connected with it is a huge taboo. So, take advantage of your knowledge to help break these taboos while showing that it is indeed possible to have a healthy relationship with your own sexuality and know your own body in different ways.

And, of course, earn extra income while doing it!

4. Sell used panties income ideas online for kolkata escorts top 5 ideas

There are many people who love the smell of used panties. For these people, this is a true aphrodisiac ! And you can earn money from it.

There are sites specializing in the sale of these pieces, such as Used Panties . But you can also sell on your own, offering directly to your customers, or on online ad sites like Miss Kolkata.

Want to start making money online right now? See our step by step to create an ad!

And how much can you earn selling used panties? It depends on some factors, such as the type of panties (good lingerie costs more than everyday panties, so the value of used panties also increases!). But, on average, you can earn between R$ 50 and R$ 200 per panty!

Also, used panties are not the only used items you can sell to make extra income online as an kolkata escorts. Shoes, socks, tights, gym clothes, even bedding after sex can feed someone’s fetishes and earn you some extra cash at the end of the month.


5. Have phone sex

Phone sex might seem a little old-fashioned, but it’s a great way to earn extra income online by offering a different service to your customers.

As you only have the voice, it’s easier to prepare – that is, you don’t need a set, costumes, nothing: just pick up the phone and start the slutty. Abuse your creativity so that the imagination of the person on the other end of the line goes far, and adapt your performance to the signals they give.

To find customers, you can also offer the service to those who have hired you before. But you can also announce the news on your social networks (and even publish an excerpt as a demonstration, to show that the service is really good ) or on specific sites, such as here at Miss Kolkata .

Tips for offering phone sex to clients

Now that you already have five new ideas to earn more money as an kolkata escorts without even leaving home, tell us in the comments: which one do you think is the most advantageous? And remember: on Miss Kolkata , you can advertise all your services throughout Kolkata escorts.

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